Technology & E-Commerce

Provides consultation and assistance in relation to development and use of information and communication technology, particularly in telecommunication, electronic communication, intellectual property and electronic commerce; assistance in drafting and negotiating complex IT-related agreements; and legal advice with respect to electronic transactions including electronic contracting and advertising, electronic payment, online provisions of goods and services, online intermediary, private international law and cyberspace jurisdiction.

We Provides services in various data protection issues in Indonesia: privacy audit including a detailed analysis of how you collect, use, disclose and transfer personal information and provides advice on modifying your company’s policies and practices to ensure compliance in Indonesian and also in other jurisdiction; cross border data Transfer including how to collect and transfer personal information from and to outside Indonesia in accordance with the prevailing law and regulations in Indonesia.

We also offers services in the related personal information in the employment context including on the bounds of permissible monitoring of employee use of company electronic systems (e-mail and the Internet), monitoring by video, and similar matters, including steps that clients must take to be in a position to engage in such monitoring legally.

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